MITM: The Science of Early Learning

Mind in the Making: The Science of Early Learning

When does learning begin and how is it nurtured? What role does social and emotional development play? Are we born with an innate drive to solve problems?

These are just a few of the fascinating questions addressed in Mind in the Making: The Science of Early Learning, an 11-session course developed by the Families and Work Institute after years of compiling the most rigorous research on early learning.

Ready to Learn piloted this course, which bridges the gap between research and teaching practice, in 2006, and currently offers it to early childhood educators as often as funding allows. Although the content is based on the most sophisticated science available, the material is presented in an accessible and highly compelling format.

We have set up a Pinterest board devoted exclusively to Mind in the Making, which is open to the public. On that board facilitators and participants post articles, activities and other resources related to the modules they’ve discussed in class.